Terms and Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Bestprintertechsupport wants you to be completely satisfied with your custom printing order! Our printing company guarantees a top quality product offered at a fair price, with the highest level of customer service.


The use of Bestprintertechsupport, the “Web site,” constitutes Customer acceptance to be bound by the terms and conditions as set forth in this “Agreement.”


Your order will be to “pleasing color” printing standards considered generally acceptable by the printing trade. Our guarantee does not include defects related to color matching. Due to variations in monitor calibrations, ink, paper, and limitations throughout the printing processes, we cannot guarantee the final product will match the color/density of your personal printer or monitor. Such variations will be considered acceptable. A hard copy of your proof will provide a more accurate depiction of your final product.
This guarantee does not apply to errors in customer supplied digital files including low-resolution graphics, photos, improper file format, page layout, compliance with mailing restrictions, missing fonts, or corrections not requested in writing. Proofing is your responsibility on all printing services. You are 100% responsible for the accuracy of your proof. Please check your proof carefully!
This guarantee is limited to reprint of the original order quantity or refund of the purchase price of the order. We are not responsible for any damages, consequential, incidental, or otherwise, or other claims incurred by you or your business caused by receiving printed materials which are defective, incomplete, or which you receive later than the estimated delivery date.
Bestprintertechsupport will not be held liable for failure to meet expected deadlines due to improper file composition or last minute changes.
We do everything possible to ensure proper cutting, accurate color reproduction, and excellent printing quality. Certain circumstances are beyond our control and are not covered by this guarantee. Bestprintertechsupport cannot be responsible for:

  • Design errors or color selection errors introduced by the customer in the artwork file creation process.
  • Errors in user-selected options such product type, size, finishing options, or quantity.
  • Customer’s spelling, punctuation, or other grammatical errors.


It is the customer’s responsibility to review their estimate carefully. If there is anything that is not understood, it is the responsibility of the customer to review with a Customer Service Specialists until deemed understood. Review various quantities, rush options, and shipping rates. Use our custom quote page for products not shown.
Our quotes include the following:

  • Electronic processing of your initial file
  • A PDF proof
  • Full bleeds are included at no extra charge
  • Job setup
  • Production of digital plates
  • Standard folding, stitching and trimming

Quoted turnaround time begins when we receive your email approval of proof. Spam blockers/filters may prevent you from receiving our emails. You may receive emails from various email addresses during the order process. After file review, additional delays may occur if items are missing or the files do not meet our file requirements. Your turnaround time starts once we receive proof approval, and have all components to print. Turnaround times are not guaranteed. Your expected delivery date may change due to unforeseen delays, such as equipment failure, illness or late delivery by a carrier. Weekends and holidays are not included in your quoted turnaround time calculations.


  • A pdf proof will be uploaded to your account or sent to you via email, and you will receive an email notifying you to approve or reject your proof.
  • Turnaround time does not start until the day after you approve your proof.
  • Our hard copy proof provides the most accurate representation of your 4 color printed piece and is available upon request. Additional charges apply and will be charged to your credit card at the time your order is confirmed.
  • When your overprint preview settings are off you will not see the overprint. When you view your pdf proof with the overprint setting off you will not see any overprinting issues. You must have your overprinting setting on when previewing your proof to get an accurate proof. We are not responsible for your preview settings not being correct.


We accept online payments using MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Telecheck, and Paypal. Full payment including shipping is due at the time you place an order. You must enter your credit card information when you place your order. We are unable to accept COD orders. Purchase orders can be accepted for Government and Educational organizations only.



By submitting your order with Bestprintertechsupport, you guarantee that the printed matter is legal, and customer agrees to hold Bestprintertechsupport harmless in any suit arising regarding the legality of illustration or other printed materials that are degrading, libelous, harmful to reputation, or an infringement of trademark, trade name, trade secrets, and copyright laws. Further, the customer guarantees the matter is not copyrighted or trademarked by any other party and that copyright or trademark symbols have not been removed. Materials may or may not have a copyright or trademark symbol, but are still entitled to protection. Know your sources before submitting your work for reproduction.

Furthermore, you agree to compensate Bestprintertechsupport for all actual costs, liabilities, reasonable attorney fees, and any other expenses associated with any infringement action.

Adult Content Policy

Objectionable content in one person’s eyes may simply be artistic expression to someone else and it is hard to make the distinction. Bestprintertechsupport is a small business and most of our work consists of non-suggestive materials which do not consist of any type of nudity. Tastefully done nudes and boudoir orders are OK for Bestprintertechsupport to produce. Nudes are normally printed if properly lit, posed and composed. They will not be printed if they are suggestive or sexually explicit in any way, or if there is any doubt as to the age of the models.

We will not produce or accept files that may have been deemed explicit for any of the following reason below.

  1. Any situations of nude sexual activity.
  2. Any content deemed pornographic in nature.
  3. Any nudity of a highly suggestive sexual nature.
  4. Any images depicting the harming of minors in any way including but not limited to content that violates or state or federal child pornography laws, child exploitation laws and laws prohibiting the depiction of minors engaged in sexual contact.

If it is unclear as to the age of any models we may provide materials to the proper authorities for further review.


Use of this Web site should be limited to legal purposes, and used by those of a legal age to enter into a valid contract. All fraudulent use of the Web site, including but not limited to, the use of fraudulent credit card information, is prohibited.

All materials and content on the Web site is the intellectual property of Bestprintertechsupport and should not used by anyone without the prior written consent.


Bestprintertechsupport, its employees, or agents shall not be liable for any damages caused by the misuse of any product purchased through the Web site.


  • All sales are final, except as otherwise provided in this Agreement.
  • Bestprintertechsupport may refuse to print any job without providing reason to the Customer.
  • Online pricing and custom quotes are valid for 30 days and are subject to change without notice.
  • All quotes costs and estimates are considered tentative until we receive the job for inspection. Estimates may be revised and the customer will be notified prior to any work being completed. Charges for delivery of materials and supplies from the client or client’s supplier to Printing Center UK are not included in quotations unless specified.
  • We cannot guarantee your order will have the exact number of the product you ordered; however, overage or under count will not exceed 5%.
  • Normal production time on standard orders is 2-10 business days after we receive proof approval. Presentation folders, 4 color envelopes, and custom die cutting may require additional time. Rush requests are handled according to workload and priced accordingly. The customer must examine the completed order and notify us of any discrepancies within 30 days of receipt of order.
  • Bestprintertechsupport reserves the right to subcontract all or any portion of an order to an outside vendor.
  • Full payment is due before the order will be released to print.
  • Samples of your product may be used for sales or marketing purposes.
  • Electronic examples and images of your product may be used as examples and possibly other marketing purposes on our website, social media or any other electronic marketing communication from Bestprintertechsupport.
  • Bestprintertechsupport reserves the right to contact and market to any customer that has ordered from us via all possible channels of communication available.
  • Your name may be included in our newsletter and promotional databases.
  • Bestprintertechsupport does not sell or share any customer information with third parties.
  • All other industry trade customs will apply. If unfamiliar with these, ask us. In the event that any legal action is initiated, the venue shall be in Cascade County, State of Montana, and Montana law shall apply in interpreting the provisions of this Agreement. In an action to enforce any obligation under this Agreement, the prevailing party is entitled to reasonable attorney fees and costs.
  • These Terms and Conditions referred to as the “Agreement,” constitute the whole agreement and supersedes all prior negotiations, representations, or agreements. No act or failure to act shall constitute a waiver of any right or duty under this Agreement, unless expressly agreed to in writing by the parties.
  • In the event that any one or more of the provisions of this Agreement shall be held to be invalid, illegal, or unenforceable for any reasons or in any respect, the remaining provisions shall remain valid and enforceable.






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